Western Business Casual

Something every high school student struggles with is the line between professionalism and basically whatever you call normal teenage behavior. Well actually, idk if everyone struggles with this, but I do okay, don’t judge. True talk I just tried to “command-S” this shit, wow I’ve been writing papers for school too much. Back to the point, I have my DECA States competition this weekend and I have been trying to get into business mode in order to prepare. Cause nationals are in Orlando people, fucking Disney World. In the DECA competition, if you aren’t business professional, you can kiss your chances of winning goodbye. So therefore, I have been in full business mode for the past week.

I literally went to go pick up pizza tonight and as I was waiting for it, ideas for marketing and sales went through my head. It’s a problem. Besides, the whole business thing, DECA is awesome because you are surrounded by a bunch of kids your age who are equally as uncomfortable in their heels or suit. Its like a convention full of raging teenage hormones and insane nerdiness. Side note, a commercial just came on for a new lifetime show about child birth in the wild, what has the world come to oh my god.

Clearly my mind is in a thousand places right now but moral of the story, learning how to be professional even in high school is always a good idea. You never know when an internship is going to come by or if you are even offered a job. And if you are in DECA, good for you. And if you are not, get your butt in the club dude cause its fun and you could potentially miss school for freaking Disney World. Like come on.

Quote of the Day: “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” -G. Washington


Driving Blind

Okay people of the world. I have one thing to say to you today. DO NOT drive with your freaking brights on oh my god. Do you realize that you are blinding me!?! Sorry the lights on my car are as bright as a 50 cent flashlight, but that doesn’t mean you get to rub your bright ass lights in my face. Ugh it agitates me beyond belief. So don’t do it. Thank you.

If you couldn’t tell I am very annoyed with many things recently. Trying to make up work from being from absent for a month has not proven to be easy. On top of that my new SAT tutor gave me 2 tests to take while she was away. No fucking way do I have time to do all my homework and 2 SATs, yeah no. Yet this stress is minding helping my grades, not gonna lie. I completely forgot I had a PreCalc quiz today on stuff I am clueless on. But I managed to pull an A out of my ass. Like how??? Go me *claps for myself*. And last night, my parents had another dreaded college conversation. I don’t think they get that in my mind I am going no where unless its Syracuse. If I don’t get in, I am becoming a hoodlum, its been decided.

Life is crazy right now, obviously. Even this blog post is all over the place. One thing is for sure though, I have realized that the only way one can enjoy life is if it is crazy. Whats a fun day without an exciting adventure? Yeah tough moments suck, like failing a test or cutting yourself shaving (it happens, okay). But then there are those moments that make us forget all of the bad things that have happened. I never understood this until this year. Junior year sucks, so so much. But every time I get a good grade, or go out with my friends, the stress is all worth it. In the end, it is only 180 days of torture.


La La La

Hello friends. I am having severe writer’s block right now but sometimes they say if you just start, something will come to you. Yeah i’ve been trying for the past 20 minutes. Nothing. So instead, I feel like sharing some of my more creative writing with you guys. Most of my best writing is done at 2 am in the notes in my phone while I’m lying in bed. This poem I wrote a few months after this really awesome guy treated a situation in a really crappy way. Hey, sometimes shitty situations are the best inspiration!

Everything about him was toxic

His mind drew me in.

The way his thoughts fed into mine

It wasn’t safe for either of us.

Two people alike

Should normally be one.

My heart was weaker than his

Although I felt stronger than he.

As things began to simmer

The cold air seemed to vanish.

Races weren’t just a game

Time was beating us down.

It became too heavy

Even though things felt so right.

The poison had been shot

But it didn’t go deep enough.

Fighting for a chance

A one sided battle it was.

The second dose came through

It hit hard, impairing the heart.

No longer pumping blood

Wanting to spill it instead.

As a snake bite leaves a mark

His toxins are still present.

One melts at the sound

But falls on the impact.

No time could heal the wound

Poison that cannot go away.

Forever marked with the loss

Of the truth he could not speak.

No longer is he a threat

For his toxin is unwanted.

And as it was thought

The fight would be over.

But the poison proves addictive

And leaves me wanting it again.

Quote of the Day: “Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone; therefore we are saved by love.” -Reinhold Niebuhr

I Fell On My Butt

Oh the pleasures of living in the north… freezing rain. So it’s story time today. I had to dog sit two pugs at 7 am this morning, and I couldn’t even drive my car up their driveway it just wasn’t working. Literally a sheet of black ice. So… I decided to walk. It took about 5 minutes to just get to the front door. Keep in mind I am in pajama pants, Uggs, and still half asleep. I took care of the dogs and such and walked outside to leave but realized, how the fuck am I gonna get down this driveway. So I go to take a step from the front walk to the driveway, completely wipe out, and fall flat on my ass. Thank god it was only 7 and no one saw me. But my car keys and brand new iPhone go sliding down the driveway and I’m left stranded. What do I do, I fucking scoot down their driveway, cause how else am I supposed to maneuver around black ice. My butt was frozen after I swear. I finally get in my car and it won’t start for god knows what reason so I am about to just give up and go back to sleep in my car until someone realized I wasn’t home. Finally I got to my house but, of course, had to park in the street and climb my front lawn to even get into my house. I fucking hate freezing rain. And dog sitting.

So this story I guess does have a moral to it. You’re gonna fall on your butt a thousand times in your life. You are gonna fail and you’re gonna feel helpless. But there is always a way to fix it. You just have to look to the positives in life. And that, my friends, is what makes the difference between hating your life and appreciating the good things the world has to offer.

Quote of the Day: “Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” -Lou Holtz

I Should Be Doing Homework

Well here goes nothing. I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but I was always afraid to do it. Writing is something I love but never really get to do often, except for my lovely English homework, I swear I write an essay a night. If you couldn’t already guess, I am a junior in high school, experiencing the wrath of the worst 180 days of my life. If you are a junior too, I feel you. And if you’re not, I envy you. I wake up literally every day and say “well…fuck” in my head. Yeah its that bad. But there are some things in life that remind me that, yeah this sucks, but its not going to last. College is in a year and a half basically, which means I get to leave this awful town (I love it but I can’t fucking wait to get out). And, what else… well summer is in like 6 months, we made it through 4 months of agony already guys!

Okay I am rambling but basically this blog is for me to share my life to others who may be going through the same shit that I call high school. Whatever comes to mind, I may write down, unless its a very weird thought like goats taking over the world or something, I’ll just keep that to myself. May get personal, depends on what is going on in my life I guess. But I hope this blog can make you laugh, or maybe inspire you to do things, or even just make you feel like you’re not the only one suffering here. Cause we all are, and in order to get through this, we might as well do it together.

Quote of the Day: “If one advances¬†confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” -Henry David Thoreau